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Memo: Time Travel Abuse

To: Needcoffee Staff
From ScottC

Subject: Time Travel Abuse

OK, the fucking around with the time machine has got to stop. It is to be used for retrieval of artifacts and biological samples (Sorry Dindrane, but Sophocles is NOT a biological sample) and recording historical events (Siege, the HD camera had been outfitted with anti-radiation armor per your request). It is NOT to be used to fuck around with history. One, there is the possibility of rupture of the time-space vortex and creation of an Event Null. I think we are all agreed that we don’t want to go through that again. Two, we are all too lazy to make sure history goes the way we want. Who has the time?

I don’t care whose idea it was to introduce Pac-Man to 18th century Japan and frankly I don’t care. But I’ve had three temporal regulation agencies as well as Namco screaming to me about this. Tied up my entire morning and I had more important tying to get to. Fortunately, that possible damage was minimized. An artist, Jared Moraitis, has been given Process #34 (see War of the Worlds incident) and he now thinks that the Pac-Samurai is his creation.

So any future incidents will lead to punishment. And not the fun kind.

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