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Nuts on the Road, Episode 3: Ken and Widge vs. The Psychic Vampires

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Ken Plume from Quick Stop Entertainment and I spend a lot of time on the phone. We have conversations that make very little sense. Then one day, I decided that we should harness our powers to invent not the chicken, but instead the chicken sandwich. But Ken would hear none of it and instead he insisted we harness our powers for this not as shiny as it was initially podcast (since this is now the third episode), entitled “Nuts on the Road.”

Just remember…you’ve been warned. And if you were already warned, you are now doubly so.

Discussed: The creation of the Official Nuts on the Road Shitlist; Ken’s affections for beef stew; Widge’s affections for pizza; thin crust vs. not; singing in a round; why Widge is an escapee from an 80s cartoon. And more. But yet, less.

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  • I desperately want to listen, but neither the player on the web site nor iTunes will let me download it. Help!

  • Sarah: Thanks for the headsup. I think it should be fixed now. Try it again and please e-mail me if you have any problems.