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Stuff: Bear’s Dad Brings You Ubu Bubu

Munchkin Booty

  • There’s another pyramid in Egypt. Or not. Or a sun temple. And it’s the fourth pyramid of Giza. But not really. It’s somewhere else. But there’s an even bigger pyramid, or what’s left of one somewhere else. I barely understand this, but I know there must be something cool in it. So.

    Update: I just realized–that pyramid with the 420,000 square foot base mentioned in the article? It obviously would have been the home of the cast of Friends, had it been set in ancient Egypt.

  • Remember we told you we’d let you know when all the new Heroes stuff was hitting? Here you go, you can pre-order for August 26th: Season 1 Blu-Ray, Season 2 regular flavor, Season 2 Blu-Ray.
  • Steve Jackson Games has announced that their pirate variation of a game that we play far too much of at the Technocave and its attached compound–Munchkin–has gone to the printer. Yes. Munchkin Booty will soon be ours.
  • Terror is quite possibly the best t-shirt I have seen this week. Why isn’t it in black, dammit?
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  • Uncle Warren reminded us–and I’m behind on reading everybody’s site, frankly–that Needcoffee fave Jamie Smart has his new book in stores: Ubu Bubu. That’s right, the man who brought you Bear is bringing you a book about a cat possessed by a demon who will destroy everything you hold dear. We agree: buy it when you step into your local emporium. Smart is a sick, sick individual. If you don’t know Bear, fix that, would you?