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Winners of Fabulous Stuff!

Okay, we’ve got a few. Ready? Deep breath.

The Doctor Who winner is Tameka Johnson of Mississippi.

Our McFarlane Dragons go to Jeanette Jackson of Ontario.

The Godfather stuff from McFarlane goes to Kathleen Gereg of Florida.

Our Sharkwater winner? Patricia Papazoglou of Virginia.

Copies of There Will Be Blood are being bestowed upon Amy Siskell of California, Kris Pavlik of Minnesota, and Gary Ford of Oregon.

The TMNT winner is Tyler Walton of Illinois.

As for Cloverfield, shakycam goodness goes to Brian Hunter of New Hampshire, Julie Rodriguez of Florida, and Polly Hall of Michigan.

Our Michael McDonald winners: Jordan Harbin of Kansas, Susan Davis of Saskatchewan, Sarah Cutter of North Carolina, Emily Bosman of Ohio, and Ryan Washburn of Louisiana.

Medieval Lives goes to Gavin O’Brian of South Carolina and Zoltan Almasi of New York.

Orphanage? Brittany Johnson of Florida, Joan Newman of Georgia, Joyce Pawlik of Illinois, Sharon Jones of Massachusetts, and Elisa Perkins of Texas.

The set of Spawn Pharaohs is for Joel Spencer of Alabama.

And last but not least–and I swear I did not rig this–all three Pauly Shore winners are from Canada, and all from British Columbia: Angela Fournier, Janine Willingham and Roy Hamaura. I guess they must dig Mr. Shore up north.

Whew. We need to go brew a fresh pot. If you’re not on this legion-sized list, then don’t feel glum, chum. KEEP ENTERING. Do it once a day, like showering. But entering our contests is even better than showering, because it uses less water–thus, better for the environment. And subscribe to our feed while you’re at it–and never miss a tick.