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The Winners are Coming!! The Winners are Coming!!

Winner's Perfect Guide

Wait, no, sorry, here they are.

Helen Mirren winners (of the DVD set, not the actress) are Kathleen Fletcher of Virginia, Nilda Nixon of Virginia, and Art Beaudet of North Carolina.

The Asssscat! goes to Heather Blume of Minnesota.

And Call of Duty 4 goes out to Katy French of Florida.

And amusingly, all the Speed Racer winners are female–Sandra Bon of Virginia, Linda Begly of Pennsylvania, Carolyn Emes of Ontario–and the Judi Dench winners are all male–Charles Pepper of Texas, Ronnie Barrett of Kentucky, Greg King of Illinois. Go figure.

And lastly, Great Debaters goes to Barbara Freedman of Massachusetts.

Don’t fret if you’re not a winner yet–keep entering. Do it once a day. It’s like brushing your teeth–hygenic and good for the people around you. And subscribe to our feed while you’re at it–and never miss a chance to enter. Because that one day might be the difference between winning and not winning. Thanks!


  • Well-big congrats to all the winners ,all the way down the list!

    Must say that there are a few things missing,one of the teeny ones being my name.But-oh well,will keep trying.Maybe you forgot a few?