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Win McFarlane’s Military Series 7!

That’s right…we’ve got the entirety of McFarlane Toys‘ Military Series 7 figures: the Army Ranger Arctic Ops figure, the Air Force Halo Jumper figure, the Air Force fighter pilot and the Army Special Forces Night Ops figure. But wait there’s more–! We’re throwing into this prize package, courtesy of McFarlane, two of their three-inch figures as well, the Navy Seal Boarding Unit figure and the Navy Seal Commando. For more information on the Series 7 figures, check them out here. And for the whole line of Military action figures, you can check that out here.

And to win…well, get on past the break and get to it. And remember: enter once a day, and your chances of winning increase! Not only that, but people will like you more. Honestly. We’d like you more, but we already love you to bits. So. You know how it goes.

Contest is closed! Thanks for playing.

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  • Didn’t give my husband a birthday, anniversary or Father’s Day gift this year – This would be a great gift – he is really interested in anything military – history, ets. He just had surgery, so he could “play” while recuperating.

  • Wow gang, you guys are certainly finding some great collectible prizes to throw at us. I thank for the chance to win. Fingers crossed yet again. :)