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DragonCon 2009: vs. The Apocalypse

The End is Near

The first of our panels from DragonCon 2009 that we recorded for posterity so that you–the people who stayed home–can enjoy (or manifest a reasonable facsimile of enjoyment) our schtick.

This was the vs. The Apocalypse panel that we provided for the Apocalypse Rising track. All manner of pop culture death and destruction with was discussed, with many, many digressions. It’s like Weekend Justice but live and even somehow less coherent.

The participants were Rox of Spazhouse, Doc Ezra, ScottC, Service and myself.

Thanks to Kelly of the AR track for asking us to come do our thing. Thanks to the people who actually showed up to discuss The End with us.

And thanks to Jon and his Unique Geek Swat Squad, who captured this for us.


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  • Fantastic that yall did a panel on this undying pop culture epidemic.

    THREADS is amazing and I think even in today’s film climate where violence saturates the screen, it would shock because it maintains a bleak and realistic presentation of human behavior.

    The one good thing about the “I am Legend” flick is that they re-released the novella and included many of Matheson’s short stories as well. Before this release, my local library system did not have ANY Matheson.

    Thanks to everyone involved for the many additions to my “must see/read” lists. And who doesn’t love dishing (or hearing others dish about) about their zombie apocalypse plans?

  • I can’t believe nobody mentioned the global plague apocalypse as a favorite!!! That would definitely be mine.