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Win The Unit: The Complete Series Giftset on DVD!

The Unit: The Complete Series Giftset DVD cover art

While I haven’t seen the entirety of the recently cancelled The Unit, I dug the hell out of the first season. Why? Well it’s probably because one of the main guys who brought it to you is David Freakin’ Mamet. Which is more often than not a badge of great quality. And it also had an excellent cast headed up by Dennis “My Voice Could Calm a Raging Rhino Who Had Been Set On Fire” Haysbert. And now it’s coming out from Fox as a complete series set with nineteen discs and, as the name implies, every episode. Plus tons of bonus bits. It’s streeting September 29th.

Now not only is this bad boy going up for sale–but we’ve actually got dibs on a copy that we’re going to give away here. Why? Because we can, that’s why. And because you guys dig that sort of thing. And in case you didn’t catch my endorsement up top–I don’t watch television and even I checked this out. So there you go.

Want to win it? It’s insanely easy to do so: just enter using the form below. Enter once a day. And if we draw your name, then you win it. It’s just that simple. Good luck.

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