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Ken vs. Widgett: The Challenge

So Ken started a game on Twitter called #iChallengeYou where he started calling out all sorts of people to do wild things on Twitter. (This is why it’s important to never let Ken get bored.) His challenge to me was as follows:

Create a 10 word scene between The Devil and Emmanuel Lewis.

My response was:

DEVIL.  The song was bullshit. I only play ocarina.



My challenge back to Ken was: Record a video of a muppet lip syncing to John Cage’s 4’33”

And to his credit, he did. The first minute or so is funny. Then it sort of slides into a dadaist existential nightmare that will haunt you till you die.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

BTW, did I mention the new Nuts on the Road podcast is available over on our site? Yes, I work with this lunatic.


1 comment

  • Oooooo. Sweet.
    Although I doubt I will recieve a challange of such ilk as he knows what kind of return challenge I am likely to give him.