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Back B-Naut

DJ B-Naut

No, B-Naut’s not in any sort of actual contest, but he is nonetheless. DJ B-Naut, for those of you just joining us is our not-so-tame resident turntablist, one of the key Needcoffee Irregulars. When we inflicted the Cow Song from Sesame Street onto audiences at our film fest, B-Naut took up the challenge and remixed the hell out of it, bitching over IM at me most of the way there.

Now, B-Naut has been tapped to remix a song for Universal Records. And it’s done. You can download it right now from Digital Eargasm. It’s by Anything But Monday, and it’s “Wild And Stupid (DJ B-Naut Sex, Cuts, and RockNRoll Remix)”.

Bear in mind that the song is shared via zShare and thus you may be greeted by pictures of scantily clad female bums. Anatomy bums, not women who want to squeegee your car windshield for a buck. Although if that’s your thing, I’m sure you can find something on Google or Craigslist that will help you out. Anyway, potentially NSFW. And DE has auto-music playing that I can’t figure out how to block. Regardless.

When the release is official here in the States, it will be available for purchase from iTunes and for ringtones. That’s right–you heard right–you will be able to own an official DJ B-Naut ringtone.

So what does this all mean? It means if you see the song for sale, buy it. Because the proceeds help to go to a DJ who’s promised not to forget all the little people when he becomes famous. And he’s promised not to have us killed either. So our motto is “Back DJ B-Naut…his success won’t kill you. Literally.” And even better, all the early CDs we bought off him over the years, we’ll finally be able to unload on eBay for a profit! “**RARE EARLY B-NAUT CD COLLECTION!!!** Rock!