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It’s Always Six O’Clock and Time for Morbid Whimsy

Mickey Mouse serving up a skeleton

It’s Always Six O’Clock is the latest exhibition from Eva and Franco Mattes. It has our favorite art movement, morbid whimsy, in the house. And it also has a delightful array of characters and toys going batshit and sabotaging the exhibition. They’re catapulting paintballs at canvases. A league of Supermen is spilling paint down a white wall. And an army of toys, led by Super Mario, appears to be performing brain surgery on a plush Pooh bear. Not to mention their favorite piece, which happens to be mine as well. Check out the video below or the full gallery of stuff is here.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Found via Who Killed Bambi.


  • Feh. I hate ‘gallery speak’. Verbal snobbery, that’s all it is! They just don’t want to say “We did this b/c we have twisted imaginations, a sense of humor, and a lot of free time.”

  • PC: I agree with you–I figured it was tolerable to get a chance to actually see the work in a video as opposed to just looking at pics. That being said: perhaps it’s easier to hide behind Art when facing down Disney’s legal department rather than doing what you or I would do, which is put it exactly as you did. :) Dunno. Either way, I still dig Mickey with the platter.