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Nuts on the Road, Episode 6: Wikipedia of the Flies

Needcoffee Podcasts

Ken Plume from Quick Stop Entertainment and I spend a lot of time on the phone. We have conversations that make very little sense. Then one day, I decided that we should harness our powers to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. But Ken would hear none of it and instead he insisted we harness our powers for this somewhat bedraggled podcast (since this is now the sixth episode), entitled “Nuts on the Road.”

Just remember…you’ve been warned. Repeatedly.

Discussed: What you should not do with the wind. Ken’s jammies. Tiny. Wikipedia and its clique. Nerdspeak. Chaotic evil assholes. The AssGuardTM. Dinosaurs and their tails. Thick Tongue Syndrome. The pickled pepper cartel. The shelf life of this podcast. The Nuts on the Road hate most nuts. Lady Penelope and Anne Frank. Juice from a rock, goddammit. The renaissance of Ed Wynn. The Ed & Tom Show. Doug Henning’s surprise appearance. A small R/C plane buzzing through Widge’s room often. Arthur. Widge’s ancestry in rock juicing. The Rock Juicing Musical tradition of Widge’s homelands.

Direct download of the file here.