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Colosso: He’s Got the Whole World on His Wrist


Showing yet again that nothing exceeds like excess, ladies and gents, I present the Colosso–a watch that costs $550K. Yes, that was a K. It comes with a tiny Earth that rotates “for local or GMT time.” We agree with Watchismo Times: this is truly the watch of a Bond villain. Although, honestly, for that price it needs to come not just with a white cat, but with entire SPECTRE organization as a feature. In fact, they should be able to pop out of the watch at will. I mean, for Christ’s sake, $550K will fill an average minivan’s gas tank!

So I started to wonder: that’s pretty pricey…but what’s the most expensive watch–certainly that’s the SRP for that watch, but there must be more expensive ones than that. Forbes helped me out in answering that question. Here’s the $5 million and a skoche watch from 1989 that is the second most expensive on their list. And honestly, nearly quadrupling the price on the Colosso is good enough for me. Make sure you flip through the rest of that slideshow. It’s impressive in its ridiculousness. But that $5 million watch? No wrist rockets. To hell with that crap.

And the $11 million watch is called the Supercomplication. For $11 million goddamn dollars, it better be the Supereasyasgreasedhell. What kind of fool pays that money for something complicated? Yes, I know–that was rhetorical.

Colosso sent in by Artist in Residence Rox.


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  • My Burger King Darth Vader watch could kick that watches’ ass any day of the week.