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I get asked about the black shirts on Cafepress on two occasions. First, when somebody sees me wearing mine out in public. I figure I might as well; I’m big enough to be a damn billboard, should just go ahead and take advantage. Second, when somebody goes to the Cafepress site and wants to know just how they look. Well, admittedly, when they first started the white on black shirts, their process wasn’t, shall we say, matured. But I just ordered two more and here they are up there–stark white logo on a black background. That, to me, is tasty. And look–they even come all folded up like a little black burrito with a paper wrap around them. And I understand they come that way–at no extra charge. Wow.

If you want to snag some stuff with the Needcoffee logo on it, feel free. We even have shirts that aren’t black, if, you know, you’re one of those color-wearing types. If I am greeted by anybody wearing Needcoffee gear of any sort at DragonCon, I will hand you something out of Widge’s Magic Prize Bag. Could be a DVD, could be a book, could be a frozen ham. You never know what you will get from the Magic Prize Bag. This deal is good each day until I run out of prizes in the bag.

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