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What The–? More Winners!!!

Marjorie Johnson with some of her ribbons

Our Saawariya winners are Connor Jacob of North Carolina, Linda Ehlert of Wisconsin, Heather Noble of Massachusetts

The Joy Division DVD goes to Sandra Perez of California

Far East Monsters’ Godzilla goes to Carl Roberts of Utah

Our copies of Devil May Care are out to Jason Rasmussen of Florida, Stephen Karnik of New Jersey

The Dragon Quest games go to Miriam Parker of California, Simon Parks of Colorado, Ruth Vick of Ohio, Patricia Cucina of Maryland, Karen Porm of Illinois.

The Red Sox DVD is for Constance Norwood of Texas.

The Dead Zone winner is Lisa Cook of Alberta.

The Mets winner is Gloria Dornin of Virginia.

Both winners of the sports sets were ladies–rock on!

Did you win? Great! Did you not win? No worries–it’s not like you don’t have a slew of contests to choose from: knock out some more entries and don’t give up! And subscribe to our news feed so you don’t miss a single contest!

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