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Zombie Munchkin: Now With a Card!

Munchkin Zombie Card

Okay, so this is very cool. Jochen from Germany pinged me shortly after we first posted our Zombie Munchkin rules. And had thoughts about creating an actual card, since, you know, I can’t freaking draw to save my life. So drafted into things was artist Daniel Bradford–because he draws wicked cool dead things–and he created a new back to the cards. And Jochen put together actual Munchkin Zombie race cards that you can print out and use in your games of undead Munchkin goodness.

You can download them in English and German here.

As always, Munchkin is a product of Steve Jackson Games, created by Steve Jackson and John Kovalic, and it’s their own damn fault people feel driven to do such things, in my humble opinion. If you don’t own Munchkin, fix that, would you?


  • Just pointing out, in the English version of the card, the card say, “If you drew this card – roll the dice”

    The word dice implies multiple. Shouldn’t it say, roll the Die? Die is singular. Like, one die, and any number of dice.

  • Chadlee: Thanks for pointing that out…sadly, we didn’t create the cards. And the guy who did no doubt has English as a second language being German and all. And, you know, his English is better than a lot of people I’ve met where it’s their first language. So I can’t fault him too much.