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Chuck Woolery and Cats to “Mix” It Up

Black Cat

You may have heard that the Gameshow Network is starting a human and cat program called “The Meow Mix Game Show”. You have not been misinformed. However, this will not be, as you would assume, a humans vs. cats situation! OH NO! In yet another cowardly act, humans have arranged things so that they each get the aid of a feline contestant in many of the challenges and do not have to compete on their own merits!

Spokescat Fergus had this to say: “Clearly, the humans know they could not possibly stand against us in the information/intelligence round, and so we are not even on the stage. Such cowardice is to be expected! But to set up the agility and physical challenge sections so that we are forced to help you?! It is a farce!?” Before excusing herself for a bath, the spokescat muttered something about “only the Meow Mix bribes make going at all worthwhile…”

The show begins Nov. 15. Expect the cats to steal the show.

Badass black cat image by pinkslapdf.