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Will Skynet Be a Soda Fountain?

Colossus, from The Forbin Project

Those of you who enjoy walking up to a soda fountain in a convenience store and creating your own Frankendrink comprised of a little of this and a little of that–prepare for your heads to explode. Coke is doing what amounts to alpha-testing this summer–and will beta test the first part of next year–fountains that have a hundred drink choices in them. “The new dispenser works by using highly-concentrated ingredient packs that are about as easy to change as print cartridges.”

Basically this will allow for Coke to have every single damn drink they sell in one machine, from Zero Coke drinks to Fanta to regular unleaded Coke, and leave room for energy drinks and a slew of other possibilities. If Coke were smart, they would give one to me to test, because if I can’t break the thing, you know it’s golden.

And perhaps you’ve already considered this–and perhaps your mind is still reeling from the possibilities of this new device–but am I the only one who wants to knock back a “highly-concentrated ingredient pack” to see what happens?

Found via BevNET.



  • They better have Barq’s Red Cream Soda in that fountain!! Last year I spent I guess $20.00 at the World o Coke to drink Red Cream soda. It is one of those region drinks no one knows where the bottle it.

    You can’t ask the people who work there they do not have a clue.

    Widge, great choice on the Forbin Project photo for this article.