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Thanks, DragonCon 2008

Nuts on the Road: Gonzo Sound + Vision survivors 2008

So we survived. And everybody seemed to have a good time. We’d like to thank everybody who came out for all of our events: our many panels, Gonzo Sound + Vision, the Nuts on the Road Panel Show, and everything else.

We’d like to thank the track directors who put up with our shit: specifically, Leigh, Caro and Kelly. And we’d also like to thank the TechOps folks as always, who did a bang-up job of doing what TechOps folks worldwide do: everything with nothing. We’d like to thank the DragonCon staffers who made our lives easier, especially the Guest Services folks and the Programming folks.

Thanks go to our special guests and allies: Paul & Storm, America’s Opening BandTM; Dana Snyder, voice artist and general lunatic; Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick of The Venture Bros.; Trace Beaulieu, Frank Conniff and Joel Hodgson of Cinematic Titanic; Robert Llewelyn of Red Dwarf fame; Aaron and Brian from Quick Stop’s Cabin Fever (who were here on the international podcast exchange program); and last but definitely not least, that pop culture motorcycle gang known as The Unique Geeks, who swooped in to assist with prize transit just when we thought the Hottentots had us.

So from Bob, Cosette, Din, Doc, Red, Rob, Rox, Serv, ScottC, Tuffley, Ken and myself…thanks. Remember Tinkerbell. And maybe we’ll be back. Maybe.