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Cult Trees Bear Strange Fruit

Crazy 4 Cult 2 Tree

The Internet can be weird. I’m not talking about the normal weirdness of zombie puppets and the whole 25ology concept. I’m talking about the kind of weird that makes you feel like someone walked on your grave.

For instance, Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles is hosting its second Crazy 4 Cult exhibition, Crazy 4 Cult 2: This Time Its Personal. Like last year, it was hosted by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier. Essentially, its a bunch of artists interpreting classic cult movies and TV through the prism of Artistic Expression. Actually, some of the pieces look quite interesting, especially this work which they used for one of their advertising posters. The weirdness started when I saw the artist’s name, Scott Campbell.

That’s my name.

Now, I’m just capable of drawing stick figures so I’m pretty sure I didn’t do this. Is this some strange extrusion from an alternate dimension? I mentioned this to Widge and he started wailing about Sammy the Slug. Don’t ask, long story. Do I have some doppelganger living a different and more talented life? I mean, he’s the same age as I am. But then I figured out what’s going on. The big clue was Kevin Smith. As some of you know, Ken Plume works for Kevin Smith’s site Quick Stop Entertainment. So I figure this is his plan to gaslight me and drive me insane.

This is destined to fail. One, I have already parked in the driveway of insanity. Two, Widge needs to keep me around because Ken’s abuse of me seems to be good for Weekend Justice’s ratings.