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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: Sting’s New Wrestling Partner

Sting and Robocop

I try to hardly ever just throw videos on the site with no text around them. It just seems…boring and mundane. Something you could get at any corner linkblog, something we try decidedly not to be.

But all of that being said, what in the hell can you possibly say about…this?

Direct link for the feedreaders.
Chris Sims is responsible for pointing this out. His website is here. And he also can be blamed for making me aware of the bonus vid that comes after the break.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

And lastly, because I’m a completist and if you’ve made it this far you certainly deserve…something…here’s twenty-four haiku about Robocop, brought to you by Sims, Kevin Church and Josh Krach. Genius or madness?

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