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Cult Energy Drink – 27 Second Review

Cult Energy Drink

Full Name: Cult Energy Activator Energy Drink
Country of Origin: Austria
Ingredients of Note: Actual sugar, guarana extract, Panax ginseng extract

Total Caffeine Content: Unlisted/unknown.

The “maximum content of guarana caffeine and ginseng” is a bit odd because…what exactly is the maximum? Is there a maximum amount you can safely give somebody in one 8.4 fl oz. can? I hope this wasn’t it, because the buzz I got off of this was minimal. Granted, I have a caffeine tolerance comparable to that of most extinct megafauna, but still.

And speaking of the can, seeing as how it is in a can like this, you’d think that it might end up tasting like most other energy drinks on the market.

And…you’d be right.

Time: 23 seconds.