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Anasazi House, Soon To Be In The Middle of a Street

This Old House

The site of a single-family Anasazi dwelling dating back 1200 years has been found near Kanab, Utah. It was found by surveyors two years ago while they were prepping for a road project. The resulting excavation finished last month.

The site, found amid deep red, sandy soil, was apparently home to a single family, [UDOT archaeologist Pam] Higgins said. No remains were found and it’s unknown how many people lived there or for how long. Crews identified a pit house used for shelter, which measured about 13 feet in diameter, several storage containers and a hearth in what appeared to be a covered communal area.

Scientists are unwilling to speculate if a 9th Century CE sub-prime meltdown led to the Anasazi eventually abandoning this excellent home. “The reason it’s so pristine is they might have just handed the keys back to the mortgage company and walked away,” said one anonymous source within the dig. Considering a final report will take up to two years to complete, it’s too early to actually speculate–but that’s never stopped us before.

(P.S. Again…what’s with the no pictures? Hello?)

Found via ArchaeoBlog.