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Screw the Great Pumpkin, I Want My Fairy Podmother

Octopus Fairy!

I know we like the pods a lot. So does Ectoplasmosis, who pointed us to this kickass painting of a man being visited by his Fairy Podmother. The title? Finally. Of course.

I’d like to hereby put forward the notion that we need an entire series of these, placing squid and octopi at the center of fairy tales. We could have:

  • The Emperor’s New Tentacles
  • The Frog Prince (squid was changed into a frog by a curse–tragic, really)
  • Goldilocks and the Three Squid (a Humboldt, a Giant Squid and a Colossal Squid who all leave their porridge to go for a swim…)
  • Jack and the Kelpstalk
  • Little Red Riding Pod
  • Octorella
  • Squidy Baba and the Forty Krill
  • The Squishy Little Tailor

Who’s in?

Found at Juxtapoz.