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Win The New York Yankees: Essential Games of Yankee Stadium on DVD!

New York Yankees Essential Games of Yankee Stadium DVD cover art

Over six DVDs you’ve got the “Essential Games of Yankee Stadium.” And as we’ve established well on this site, I know as much about baseball as I wish I knew about the most recent films of John Carpenter. So how essential they actually are, I leave to the decision of others who are wiser than I in such matters. Here’s what I do know: I’ve got a spare copy of this set from A&E Home Video that I’m willing to throw your way if you win it.

Oh, by the way, here are those featured games from the set:

  • 1976 ALCSâ„¢ Game 5 vs. Kansas City Royals®
  • 1977 World Series® Game 6 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers®
  • 1995 ALDSâ„¢ Game 2 vs. Seattle Mariners®
  • 1996 World Series Game 6 vs. Atlanta Braves®
  • 2001 World Series Game 4 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks®
  • 2003 ALCS Game 7 vs. Boston Red Sox®

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