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Halloween Links of Wickedry

Monster Slurpee Cups

  • Dan Goodsell, creator of Mr. Toast and one of the world’s only PhD holders in the field of retro goldology, has posted Monster Slurpee cups from the 70s. They are brilliant in their cheesy monsterness.
  • Have you seen that our buddy Len at Jawbone Radio is doing a limited edition run of four laser-etched pine mini-coffins? No? Go look. It’s sweet.
  • Speaking of our friends and allies, did you know that Veterans of a Thousand Gonzo Wars Paul and Storm have a slew of gigs this month? No? Go look. They are not scary…except in a Dan Aykroyd/Twilight Zone the Movie sense.
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  • Monster Memories has posted some screen shots of the 1977 Disney Halloween Hall O’ Fame, featuring Jonathan Winters as Jack O. Lantern, complete with pumpkin head. Let me put it to you this way: if he were any cooler looking, Lance Henriksen would have been involved. Found via Monster Rally.
  • Icons of Fright thought that the latest release of Child’s Play (which we’re giving away copies of over here) was missing something very important: a director’s commentary. So they contacted Tom Holland, the director, and he provided one exclusively for them, which they’re sharing. Nice. Found via Manchester Morgue.
  • Under Vhrool’s Shadow has posted some amusing Cthulhu artwork from Drew Pozca. I really want a gangsta rap version of The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets now, please.
  • Mostly Ghostly Music Sharing Blaaahhhggg!!! is re-sharing some great bits, including the Boris Karloff Tales of the Frightened.

  • The Retropolitan Presents: Tales to Astonish! is doing horror mashup battles. The first, just to give you a notion of this madness, is Seth (George Clooney) from From Dusk Till Dawn vs. Evil Ed from Fright Night. Awesome. Found via Monster Rally.
  • And hey, if you’re already caught up on High Moon, don’t forget other Zuda Comics titles, like The Night Owls and The Black Cherry Bombshells.

    • Johnny: These days it’s scary as hell how cheap it is to suck down 64oz. of sugar water. I mean, when even *I’m* looking at something as excessive, you know something’s gotta be wrong…