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32 Days of Halloween II, Day 10: Evil Dead in Japanese

Japanese Evil Dead

Okay, I will admit something to you. I have no idea what the person in this trailer is saying. This could be a dead-on translation of what the English language trailer says. Or it could be someone reading the back off a cereal box. Not a clue. Maybe H can confirm.

I just know this trailer is ten times scarier with that dude’s voice over it. Seriously.

That voice would make the trailer for Follow That Bird terrifying. In fact, I’d like the next internet meme to be stripping the audio from this and using it to create terrifying trailers of the most innocent trailers out there. “I watched some Benji movie trailer last night in Japanese and I couldn’t sleep! That dog’s eyes, man! THE DOG’s EYES!!”

P.S. Last year at this time it was the trailer to the lost film, The South Will Rise Again.

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