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The Care And Feeding Of An Evil Genius

Joseph is a future Science Villain I have spoken of before. At two and a half, his development is well advanced and his parents continue to encourage and expand on Joseph’s natural talents. Why wouldn’t they? When some parents brag about how their child is on the honor roll, Joseph’s parents can respond proudly that Joseph has just taken over India.

One of the areas they have been working with Joseph is overlooked by most but still important: food. Young children can be notoriously picky eaters. This attitude usually carries over into adulthood which explains the popularity of restaurants like Olive Garden and On The Border. Of course, for a supervillain this is unacceptable. How menacing would Doctor Doom or Lex Luthor be if they served chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese while expounding on their evil plans. Fortunately, Joseph already has a varied appetite. I have seen this kid chow down on some hummus, curry, and barbecue pork ribs. Though not at the same time.

global goodie tshirts

To further his culinary education, I pointed the parents to Global Goodie.

[ad#longpost]I think Global Goodie describes what they are and their goals best, so…

Through our simple designs, we hope to educate kids (and their parents) about the delicious cuisines of the world. Our tees serve as a reminder to parents of the delicious foods we love, and a way to help kids understand all of the yummy food just waiting for them to try.

By making unfamiliar foods cute and easily understandable, kids shouldn’t turn up their nose at escargot or some sushi. At least they will give it a try. Who knows, by opening up your child to cuisine outside of the McDonald’s menu, they may be more open to other things off the beaten track. That can only make the world a more interesting place. That’s good for us, since we bore easily.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I am having lunch with Joseph and we are having shark fin soup. It seems that putting lasers on great whites is not a good idea.


  • Nice! Where was this kinda stuff when I was growing up lo those many years ago on my parents evil hippie commune. Though I admit spider rolls are gross, I love paella, though my evil hench wife insists escargot are good, they are gross and evil, being as they are from the notorious French.

  • J. has not yet tried escargot, but he really wants to. We watched limpkin dining on snails at Lettuce Lake Park down in Tampa last Thursday, and he was very excited when I informed him that people can eat snails, too: “Um, but not the same kind of snail–people eat special COOKED snails. No, you can’t jump off the boardwalk and go down–hey, come back here! PUT THAT DOWN!”