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Stuff You Need to Know, Thursday, October 9, 2008

  • Julie Taymor, after astounding with The Lion King musical and confounding with a gorgeous but flawed Titus, she’s doing The Tempest. Helen Mirren will be playing Prospera and not Prospero. Also in the cast are Russell Brand (as Trinculo), Djimon Hounsou (as Caliban), Jeremy Irons (as Alonso), Felicity Jones (as Miranda), Alfred Molina (as Stephano), Ben Wishaw (as Ariel)–and Geoffrey Rush is in talks to join them as Gonzalo. Sweet damn. Production looks like it will start in Hawaii next month. Can somebody release a Region 1 of Prospero’s Books because of this? Please? Source: Hollywood Reporter.

    This would seem like a great opportunity/excuse to have some Gielgud on the site.

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

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  • The Louis Armstrong biopic What a Wonderful World will star and be helmed by Forest Whitaker. Ron Bass (co-writer on Entrapment) is scribing. Will start shooting next summer. Source: Variety.
  • The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is going to hit in 2011. Production has started by Film Roman, the people who bring you The Simpsons. Christopher Yost, who worked on Next Avengers is story editor. Remember when Marvel used to make good comics along with good movies? Wonder whatever happened to them… Source: Hollywood Reporter.
  • DC Comics has got more “motion comics” in the works. “Motion comics” are “digitally downloadable episodes that bring the comic to life by combining the artwork with subtle movement, voice-overs and musical scores.” I know you’re skeptical. DC have anything subtle? But let’s move on. They’re bringing up Batman: Black & White and Superman: Red Son to get that treatment, like they’ve been doing with Watchmen. No word yet on whether or not the original folks like Millar on Red Son will be involved at all. Source: Hollywood Reporter.
  • Oliver Platt will be playing Nathan Detroit in the revival of Guys and Dolls on Broadway, which starts previews in February and opens on March 1st. Source: Variety.
  • Jamie Foxx is in talks to join Gerard Butler in Law Abiding Citizen, in which Butler plays an ADA who finds himself in a pickle. He struck a deal with one of the people who murdered Jamie Foxx’s character’s family and so he’s now in the crosshairs. Frank Darabont takes time out from adapting Stephen King books to direct. Source: Hollywood Reporter.
  • 10 Things I Hate About You, a film I enjoyed, is getting turned into a series for ABC Family. Gil Junger, original helmer of the film is on board to direct the pilot, which will shoot this fall. Note to ABC Family: I don’t watch television. But if you somehow get Larry Miller to reprise his role as the dad, I will watch your show. Source: Hollywood Reporter.
  • Tom Thumb will be directed by Kevin Lima (Enchanted). Robert Rodat (The Patriot) is scribing. They’re looking at making this a tentpole, which is interesting. I had no idea people were clamoring for a Tom Thumb film. But what do I know? Source: Variety.
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    • So does Russ Tamblyn get a cameo for Tom Thumb? I am all about the cameos. Rox’ law: If you do a remake there has to be a cameo.