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Even More Halloween Links of Wickedry

Creepy cover sketch

  • datajunkie has a gallery of Warren magazine cover sketches and artwork by Roy G. Krenkel, a snippet of which we’ve included above. They are awesome. Found via Monster Rally.
  • The glory of Edgar Paper Poe. Found via Neatorama.
  • Evil Mad Scientist Labs has posted a way to hack a pumpkin so it knows when it’s dark outside. I don’t understand a word of their explanation. Circuit diagrams make my eyebrows catch fire. But if it’s your thing, the end result is pretty badass.
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  • Monster Rally gives you links to scads of old-time radio shows. These are brilliant. You’ll be listening to them for weeks. I’m still listening to them from last year! They also recommend some colorized bits of classic horror films. Their suck factor is very low.
  • My Zombie Pinup is a calendar that’s exactly what you think it is. $19.99 gets you flesh-devouring beauty. I got sent this by everybody. ScottC sent it twice. Found via io9.
  • We keep making a big deal out of Vincent Price’s culinary talents. Rox went and found some additional MP3s of him talking food. Vincent Price talking anything is pretty cool with us. Find that here.
  • Lisa Snellings-Clark, friend to you and me, has scads of Halloweenish poppets for sale.
  • Zombie Combat Club is celebrating their launch by giving away stickers and a survival audiobook. Go here for details.
  • Gotta zombie head. It’s better than the rest. Green to dead. Zombie head.