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This Just In: Monogrammed Coffee Beans

Tonx laser-etched coffee beans

Now, granted, when Tonx posted this, it was done as a one-off because he’s cool enough to know people who own lasers. Nobody on staff here is able to (admit that they) own a laser after a…shall we say…recent injunction that Siege, Doc and Thespia have been advised by our lawyer not to discuss. Except that it would have made Chris Knight chortle mightily. Anyway, Tonx got his buddy to laser-etch “Tonx” onto some green coffee beans.

So I don’t think there’s anybody who provides this service. Hey, don’t look at me like that. Personalized slash monogrammed coffee beans? You know somebody would pay for that lunacy. Tonx, I say unto you: you and your friends at Espresso Parts need to go into business. There you go: free idea.

Found at Boing Boing Gadgets.

Update: Add a number in the lower right and it’s COFFEE BEAN SCRABBLE. Fuck-ing brilliant. And still free!


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