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Disney Shorts: A Followup Thought

Real Life Mater from Cars

So since I’ve posted my open letter to Mr. John Lasseter, I saw the ad about Bolt and the answer to my question of: where was the animated short? The answer is: it’s being added this weekend. A short with Mater from Cars entitled “Tokyo Mater.” I’ll be interested to see what boost this provides to the Bolt box office–the last time I recall Pixar changing things after the film had opened were the “outtakes” that appeared at the end of A Bug’s Life–if memory serves me correctly. I think they traded them out for new ones after a few weeks.

I’m interested to see how well it works because I have no feel for what a draw the character of Mater is. Even though I appear to have liked the movie Cars more than most, I wonder how else everyone else feels. Maybe he’s a hit with the kiddies, I dunno.

But reading this made me think of something else–and again, I’m sure the Dixar folks are way ahead of me. You’ve got Digital 3-D now–and for Bolt it was stunning. Going back to the classic shorts for a minute, what if you reworked some classic Disney shorts for full-on Digital 3-D? Start with “Steamboat Willie.” Hit us with “The Old Mill”–which was shot on the multiplane camera anyway. You want to get some people like me back in cinemas to rewatch a film? Bring some of that noise. And hey, where it’s showing in 2-D? Show the short in 2-D. I think I might be up for watching it even in normal 2-D on the big screen…most Disney shorts have only been experienced by folks like me on video. So to see it big and bold like it was originally–would be stellar.

Anyway, just some thoughts. This is what I do instead of sleeping. My rates are very reasonable.



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