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Remembering Doug Henning

Doug Henning

You know, it occurs to me after seeing Wolven explain his magical self–I’ve been referencing Doug Henning for so long that I can’t remember the last time I’ve actually seen any Doug Henning bits. And it’s also probably true that there are people seeing Doug Henning jokes that have never even seen the guy. Doug was the guy who basically brought magic into the 1970s by looking like, well, he was from the 1970s. If he had ever worn a tux at a show, it would have been blue with a rainbow vest. Maybe he did actually wear that at a show, I don’t know. Anyway.

So for people like me and also the young whippersnappers who won’t stop playing their ZZTop so loud, here’s Doug on the Muppet Show

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I must say that, in retrospect, the way he’s petting Robin looks really…odd. Anyway, that’s a fourth season episode, which isn’t available on DVD yet.

And here he is on Captain Kangaroo:

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In case you wondering on that last one, the natural position of your hands changed after the 70s. Granted, lots of things changed after the 70s. So.

And here is on The Tonight Show:

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Is it just me or were those boots used by a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes?

Here he is in his Broadway production from 1981. Watch for the scary assistants jazzercising while they wait for their next bit.

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And lastly, here’s a bit which I’m fairly certain is from the same show:

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The Magic Show is available on DVD from Amazon.