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The Grue Café #4: Random Damage

Roll Against Your Sanity

Your patience has been rewarded. Re-convened is The Grue Café, starring Kim, Rox of Spazhouse, the non-Flamingo Doc Ezra and Dom. The panel discusses gaming and/or the lack thereof at DragonCon, game mechanics and physics, dice addiction, role-playing of the tabletop variety, and how you get people to actually role play.

Rox discusses the joy of playing games involving madness. Doc admits his addiction to achievements. Dom complains about spending money. Kim smacks a cow. And more!

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  • Rox! Kim! I miss Grue Café!! Kim, you should stop playing Skyrim long enough to tell me what you think of it lol. and I just started playing D&D 4th addition. I’ve never played before, but I’m the DM for my group. I would love hear some of your DMing experiences and how you go about building campaigns