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Stuff: Johnny Carson Leaves the Salt Mine and Gets Digital

Johnny Carson Carnac

Some sites want you to actually read a bunch of blog posts full of information that you don’t need. Who the hell has time for that? We don’t think you do. So one post, as we get around to it, with info you need to know. And so you didn’t find out about it five minutes after it happened. We don’t think you care. So enjoy. And if you decide you want to buy something we discuss…please do so through the link or through the Amazon search box to your right on the page. It helps us keep the lights on.

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  • I’ve been wondering where the hell The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson was…and it’s apparently been stored in an underground facility in Kansas (a converted salt mine). And the thing’s been digitized. 3300+ hours of it. People are going to be able to search on it and apparently license it…and a DVD will have “condensed” version of episodes. I would hope that, in addition, you could “special order” the entirety of a particular episode. Or perhaps if you’d like a set of the complete episodes featuring a particular guest, say Robin Williams, you could do that. Let’s hope. Apparently the first decade of Carson’s run was wiped, similar to the problem they have at the BBC where a lot of classic stuff is just flat gone. But Carson apparently got the ownership rights for the last two decades of his run and Carson Entertainment has them. Excellent. Respond2 Entertainment, who has previously released some bits on DVD, will be handled the upcoming DVD releases. I say bring em. Some great clips are already up on the official site. Source.
  • I try to give people the benefit of the doubt but Battleship sounds like something that, if it keeps going and actually gets made, will suck. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing in this entire equation which sounds like a good plan. Which makes it either genius or stupidity. I seldom link to full articles, but seriously go read this and tell me which part sounds good to you.
  • Green Lantern 2? Already? Wow. Michael Goldenberg (Order of the Phoenix) is set to scribe with the first film having just ended production. Source.
  • An outdoor run of Into the Woods is playing at the Regent’s Open Air Theatre in London. Now through September 11th. I bring this up because Playbill has a photo gallery of the costumes and such, and they’re very interesting. Especially their take on the Witch.
  • Reese Witherspoon is attached to play Peggy Lee in the biopic of the singer’s life. Nora Ephron is helming and scribing. Can Witherspoon sing “He’s a Tramp” properly? That is the main question. Source.
  • Interested in seeing Michael McKean as the Narrator in Our Town? Hell, I would be. Chances are I won’t get to New York in time to see him before his limited run in the part ends August 22nd, though. Damn. Source.
  • The Outer Limits a feature film? At MGM? Now? Seriously? Of course not seriously. A script will be scribed and it will sit. And then after MGM’s position is solidified (i.e., they get bought) somebody else five years from now will throw out that script and start again. But hey, somebody got paid–good for them. Source.
  • The Spider-Man Broadway musical will open in previews November 14th and open officially December 21st. Tickets top out at $140. This should be interesting. Pre-sale Amex tickets are available starting today. Source.
  • Now this is interesting Terminator news. One company, Hannover House, announced Terminator 3000–an animated project that is exactly what you think it is. Pacificor has the franchise rights and said hell no and sent a cease and desist. However–the CEO of Hannover says that he took animation rights with him when he left the original company that produced the first film and that the animation rights have been with him since then. What does this all mean? Somebody’s going to pay somebody money to go away, unless the Hannover CEO is full of it, and then a judge will tell him to go away. The dead in the water Terminator franchise isn’t going anywhere…but it’s at least interesting. Source.
  • Home Video Releases

  • The first season of The Bionic Woman is hitting DVD from Universal on October 19th. There are bonus features, apparently. To pre-order your copy, click here.
  • Deadwood, the complete series, hits Blu-Ray on November 23rd. And yes, there are additional bonus bits–and entire bonus disc of them. You can pre-order your copy here.
  • Get Him to the Greek hits video from Universal on September 28th. You can pre-order the DVD here or the Blu-Ray here.
  • Last of the Mohicans hits Blu-Ray on October 5th with a new “definitive” cut and interviews. Click here to pre-order it from Amazon.
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show gets a 35th Anniversary Blu-Ray release with a new transfer, 7.1 sound and new bonus bits. Click here to pre-order yours from Amazon.
  • The second season of The Twilight Zone is hitting Blu-Ray November 16th. And the obvious question is: well, I have the Definitive DVD Collection (which is freaking fantastic), what more do I need? Well, Image Entertainment is putting twenty-five new commentaries on this thing to start off with. Yeah, I know, right? And when I get the thing here I’ll do a comparison between it and the DVD and let you know if anything’s missing from the previous release. And BTW…Season One…did we announce that? I think we missed it. So to make up for that: pre-order your September 14th release of Season 1 on Blu-Ray here and when a pre-order link for Season 2 becomes available, we’ll let you know.
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    • I was excited by the trailers, and it lived up to my expectations. It’s appeal isn’t terribly broad- there are too many pop culture references to arcade gaming and such- but it’s gloriously silly.