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Smells Like Winning

Pepe Le Pew and friend

That’s right, more winners for you:

The NFL Wave 1 2008 figures go to Cheryl Larimer of Minnesota.

When We Left Earth is leaving us to go to Ron Grande of Vermont.

The L Word Season 5 winners are Ronald Holst of Texas, Nicole Belletiere of Ohio, Mark Mayfield of Florida, Pamela Worthington of Washington, and Lakshmi Kilaru of Illinois.

The Dynasty Season 3, Vol. 2 winners are Casey French of Ohio, Jessica Mei Mui of Florida, Kathy Conley of Missouri, Karin Maroney of Montana and Corey Morgan of Tennesee.

Paranormal State winners are Patricia Babcock of South Carolina, Charles Sharp of Indiana and Cynthia Conley of Ohio.

The John Hodgman book winners are Chris Carson of Washington, Rebecca Holmes of Massachusetts, and Terry Woodward of Oklahoma.

And last for this go-round, the Naked Brothers Band Season 2 winner is Dave Hanover of Iowa.

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