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Stuff You Need to Know, Monday, December 22, 2008

Amazon Gift Card

  • Okay, so by now ordering online is going to be nuts if you have to pay for shipping. And let’s face it, you don’t want to go to the mall. A humble suggestion: Amazon gift card. You can get it for pretty much any amount of money and e-mail it to the person: done. Seriously. Unless you’ve got a stress fetish, I mean. Otherwise, then go for it. You can snag a gift card here. And yes, we get the kickbacks. So we thank you.
  • It’s like Sex and the City meets Charmed, except instead of witches the four female friends are werewolves. Or rather, instead of witches they’re Bitches, which I’m sure is going to bother the hell out of some people who have nothing else better to do than be bothered by the title of a show they wouldn’t have watched anyway. Fox has paid for a script, so we’ll see where it goes from there. Source: Hollywood Reporter.
  • Director Robert Mulligan, whose films included To Kill a Mockingbird, died of heart disease this past Friday. He was 83. Source: Hollywood Reporter.
  • In probably the smartest thing they’ve done since…since…I’ll get back to you, the RIAA has stopped suing file sharers and will instead tattle on them to their ISPs and get the ISPs to sort them out. The obvious benefit to the ISPs is they get to smack down the evil end users who are trying to use the bandwidth that they paid for. Of all the nerve. Source: Consumerist.
  • Pearl Jam‘s Ten will be available for download to play in Rock Band on March 24th, the same date the re-release of the album takes place. No pre-order available on the album, I’ll try to keep a lookout for you.
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    • Hey Widge,

      Slight note on the bit about the Rock Band release of PJ’s Ten: The album pack probably won’t include Evenflow (which already appears on the RB1 game disc) or Alive (which is shows up on RB2’s game disc).