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Memento the Bollywood Musical

No, seriously. And let’s face it–Bollywood “borrowing” from Hollywood is nothing new. They’ve taken, for example, Superman and Thriller. And now: Memento. This discovered via the Variety review of the film. Check out this trailer:

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The thing seems positively schizophrenic, doesn’t it? It’s like musical, musical, dancing, happy, DAVID FINCHER DIRECTING A FU MOVIE, happy, dancing, yay, end. Welcome to Bollywood.

Speaking of which…


Remember that Bollywood Fight Club business I posted a while back? I didn’t post a trailer. I will fix that now.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

What would be awesome is if every one of those guys was a Tyler Durden and only one of them was Ed Norton’s character. Talk about a mindgrope.

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