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It’s Wednesday, You Know How We Feel

Muse: Feeling Good

So here’s this great video for the Nina Simone version of “Feeling Good.” And I knew the song, but I didn’t know that much about it. So I probed a bit. First, here’s Nina doing her thing.

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That version’s from Nina’s album I Put a Spell On You, which of course has also the title track and “Gimme Some,” among others. You can snag yours here. Found via Neatorama.

It’s originally from the musical The Roar of the Greasepaint–The Smell of the Crowd, where it was performed by Gilbert Price. Frighteningly, when searching for versions of this, it seems to be a perennial favorite with American Idol contenders. Meh. Audio on this is good–video is…there.

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That was 1965. In addition to the Nina version that year, you also got…John Coltrane:

Update: Alas, that version’s been taken down. If you find it again, please let us know.

That appears on The John Coltrane Quartet Plays, and you can snag your copy here.

And lastly, here’s Muse…a live version of the track that appears on their Origin of Symmetry album. This performance on Jools Holland’s show from 2001. I always appreciate musical trios that make lots of noise. Muse is one, of course. Primus another obvious example. (A Primus cover of this song would rock ass, come to think of it.) Origin of Symmetry is available here.

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