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So, January… What Have We Learned?

Einstein says Please Send Help

Some posts of note from the month that was–people I know are constantly sending me stuff that already appeared on the site so it’s easy to get lost in here. Hell, Cardinal Fitts was going to check out a banging in the pipes three years ago and nobody’s seen him since. So here’s our top ten non-contest posts, submitted for your ease of reference and also your dancing and dining pleasure.

1. Neil Gaiman: The Coffee
2. Scott’s continuing efforts to mold his nephew in evil
3. A write-up of myriad space photos
4. Another such write-up–you guys like space too, eh? Cool.
5. The English Major Home Fixit Show. Crap, I guess I’ll have to write more of it then.
6. Bill Hicks’ Standup Returns to David Letterman.
7. What we found on Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor Who.
8. Our Stuff You Need to Know in which we relayed the news about Keanu Reeves and Cowboy Bebop.
9. Scott’s investigation into the potential lethal nature of masturbation.
10. My zombie cake round-up.

There you go…a plethora of wasted time on everybody’s part right there. Thanks for a good month, everybody.