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Methane on Mars, Volcanos on Venus, Insert Your Own John Gray Joke Here

Methane on Mars

No, that’s not what the Predator sees when he looks out the fisheye lens on his apartment door. It’s in fact a picture of methane on Mars, no doubt through a camera that makes it more colorful–it’s not like methane turned the red planet blue.
And chances are if you frequent this site you’re thinking right now, “That means Mars is a lot like Bartertown!” E-xactly. This was detected by NASA, who said this indicates “the planet is either biologically or geologically active.”

This from the lasted round-up of nifty space photos from NASA, which includes Venusian arachnoids–and no, Dindrane, they’re not giant alien spiders, they’re “volcanic centers surrounded by networks of cracks.” So take deep breaths. Also there’s a computer simulated pic of HD 80606b, an extrasolar planet. Go and enjoy.