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Win Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique on Vinyl!

Beastie Boys: Paul's Boutique Vinyl

Ready to feel old? Okay, fine: Paul’s Boutique just turned 20. That’s right, the classic Beastie Boys album could vote two goddamn years ago. Nuts, I know. But there is something to be said for it. Like the fact they’re reissuing the album on 180-gram vinyl, for one thing. It comes completely remastered as a “23-track album (9-track version of B-Boy Bouillabaisse)” with an eight panel fold-out. The reissues are available exclusively for the moment on the official site and they go live to everywhere else next week on the 10th.

But we’ve got a copy here that we can post for contesting mayhem. Want to win it? Sure you do. Here’s how you do that: enter using the form below. Enter once a day–you can enter all our contests once a day, you don’t have to pick and choose–and if we draw your name, it’s yours. Rock.

Contest is closed! Thanks for playing.

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  • What I’m wondering is if there will be new liner notes offered on the 20th Anniversary Edition by The Chemical Brothers. Why the Chem Bros, you ask? Simple. The reason behind the total change of production style between Paul’s Boutique versus the hard rock/NYC punk style of License to Ill is because the Chem Bros. stepped in and taught the Beasties how to sample and layer their own music. This, of course laid the groundwork for their music that came in later albums and gave birth to Grand Royale Records by proxy.