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Back Bama

Bama the Pooch

Not the state. Not the university or the football team or anything like that. No, it’s a bit more personal than that. Bama is my sister’s dog. Bama is up for the Most Valuable Pet Photo Contest 2009. And he’s a cute little monster, isn’t he? If you could find it in your hearts to go and vote for Bama, I would greatly appreciate it.

And if the dog’s cuteness doesn’t convince you, I’ll tell you this: my sister wins a vacuum cleaner if Bama wins. And if you could just see her room…you would vote often. So take pity on the carpet she hasn’t seen in years and Back Bama. We thank you.



  • I assume you’ll let us know on Tuesday whether Bama is in the next voting-group (or if/when he comes up in the Semi-Finals or whatever they call it), eh? Good luck to your sister in her quest for quality “Sucks!” goodness — and nice use of “location, location, location” (as in “exploiting a position of public trust for familial gain”!!)… “Saw an opportunity, perfectly legit, and went for it.” I’ll have to add your name to our list of high end “we need VOTES” (publici/sympathi)zers. AND if it involves coffee, we’ll share!

  • Thanks! I will admit, though, that while helping her and the pooch was a good reason to do this, the fact I could mock her at the same time was the big draw. I am the oldest brother. It’s sort of my job, you know.

  • Bama should be a winner hands down. I can’t imagine how any dog could be cuter (and his name certainly adds to his chances).

  • “Bama” is a winner!!! Not only is he a darling pooch…his owner is also a darling.

  • Well, THAT sucked… My only excuse is that I’ve been sucking down the cough medicine, trying to get ahead of this flu — and didn’t realize I was in the WRONG thread… Guess I’m gonna haveta wait for THIS one to appear so I can copy-and-paste over to the OTHER one.

    WHile I’m here, guess I should ask — haven’t heard anything about how the “Get Out The Vote” campaign has been doing — we going to have a celebration any day now, or what?? Semi-finals coming up? Or was it all just a one-shot viewer-participation scam?

    This headache sucks…

  • How exactly would this be a viewer-participation scam, amigo? I thought that was just reserved for American Idol and stuff like that…

    Alas, it appears Bama did not win. But I appreciate everybody getting out the vote. For the time being, my sister’s apartment must remain as it is.

  • Ouch. Right, “scam” was a poor choice of words — perhaps “opportunity to vote” is scarier…

    Actually — it’s kind of part and parcel of the whole “Idol” culture of “Build us up with ‘vicarious participation in potential payoff’ — and then ‘Let The People choose'”.

    And sadly, “The People” come with a statistical bell-curve like most everything else in life… If you can’t catch the attention of “The People” to the right of the peak, then your write-in votes include Barney and the Teletubbies…

    Like I said, “I’m gonna blame it on the cough syrup”.

    Sorry about your sister’s apartment — I’m trying to remember, didn’t someone find a species of giant hamsters down in the Amazon, filling an ecological niche by rooting around on the jungle floor and eating anything remotely edible?? Tell her there are ALWAYS rug-cleaning alternatives to look forward to…

  • I blame most things on the cough syrup. Even when I haven’t touched the stuff.

    As for the giant hamsters…you’re not thinking of Food of the Gods, are you? :)