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Are You a Spy in the Waffle House of Love?

Waffle House

I remember hearing about this last year–a Waffle House in John’s Creek, GA decided to offer “white tablecloth service” for Valentine’s Evening. For our readers who don’t live near a Waffle House or are unaware of its significance, it is listed on Wikipedia as a “casual dining restaurant.” For the record, it is about as casual as you can get. It is normally the jurisdiction of broke students, working musicians and people in various stages of intoxication. I say this with no derision–it is a fantastic place for people watching.

And as for the Valentine’s Day thing, there are now thirty locations in which you can get this level of service, complete with candlelight and romantic music. Why? Because, as Waffle House Vice President of Marketing Pat Warner says, “What says love better than sharing a warm pecan waffle with your loved one.” Indeed. Also, Warner said “We invite everyone to get Scattered, Smothered & Covered this Valentine’s Day at Waffle House.” No, Scott, I don’t believe that’s a euphemism.

Seriously, if you do this, I want a picture and a full report. Participating locations and their numbers are here so you can call for reservations.


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  • I have found myself in Waffle House on Christmas eve, and it was packed. There is something jarring about having to get a reservation at a Waffle House though…