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Tank Girl – Adverse Video Review

Tank Girl movie poster art

Every once and again all you really need is a hot chick with a tank.

Cole Porter’s “Let’s do it, Let’s Fall in Love,” has never been the same since Tank Girl. No matter how many times I watch or hear mention of Wake Up and Dream (Porter’s musical revue) I can’t help but think of Lori Petty forcing Ann Magnuson to sing it. Let’s face it: you will fall in love with this film…that is, if you haven’t already.

Let’s bite the bullet: the classics always stay classic. Let’s stop hiding from the fact that they never let you down, or cheat on you with another genre. They stay the same as they were in your childhood: unbelievably awesome!

Fundamentally, on those never-ending days of a never-ending week filled with too much paperwork and not enough funny, I, like you, find myself needing silliness. It is in moments like these, that the weekend of what I like to call “screw the world-pull-and-play” begins. Really, it is a simple formula to solve any monotone week.

Pull random movie from rack from desired genre section
((Popcorn + chocolate)/ a strong drink) + (inserting into DVD player + pushing play))
= A good day.

[ad#shortpost]Tank Girl is defiantly a staple for any girl who wanted to be cool in high school in that 90s-alterna-chick kind of way—not just because the lead (Lori Petty) is a post-apocalyptic-fearless-punk-badass, but because it is the kind of movie that screams ultimate supremacy.

From the film’s animated sequence bookends to the digitally projected head of Malcolm McDowell, this film is the perfect cure to a worker bee’s blues. Plus, getting to see Ice-T costumed, as a Kangaroo-half breed in all his peculiar angriness, is worth at leas the rental. Awe, isn’t he kangaroo-thuglicious!

Ice-T from Tank Girl

If you haven’t taken advantage of at least stealing Tank Girl from someone else, then from one former alterna-chick to another let me offer you a piece of advice: “Turn of the No Doubt and go see Tank Girl.”

For those of us who have had the pleasure of seeing this Waterworld on sand, how could you have forgotten about our beloved British Comic’s film incarnation? How could you forget Naomi Watts in all of her awkward Jet Girl glory? How could you have forgotten about Iggy Pop as Rat Face? Poor Rat Face. Shame on you, go watch it!

Directed by: Rachel Talalay
Written by: Tedi Sarafian, based on the comic strip by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett

Cast: Lori Petty (In the Army Now and A League of Their Own), Ice-T (Law and Order: SVU, Leprechaun in the Hood, Mean Guns, and Johnny Mnemonic), Naomi Watts (Eastern Promises, King Kong (2005), Mulholland Drive, and Children of the Corn IV) Don Harvey (Die Hard 2 and The Relic), Jeff Kober (The Hills Have Eyes II and Hildago), Reg E. Cathey (S.W.A.T., Airheads and Pootie Tang), Scott Coffey (Ellie Parker and Zombie High), Malcolm McDowell (Fallout 3, Doomsday, Cat People, Time After Time, and A Clockwork Orange), Stacy Linn Ramsower, Ann Cusack, Brian Wimmer, Iggy Pop, Dawn Robinson, Billy L. Sullivan, and more.

MPAA Rating: R
Running Time: 104 min
Average Film Rating: 4.7 out of 10
Bad B-Movie Rating: not listed on Guess it isn’t “bad”
Bob-o-Meter Rating: My Eyes!!!… Why!?… Meh… Good… Great… Yes!… Badass… Awesome… Holy Shit, Man!

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