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A Veritable Feast of Winners!

A Medieval Feast

The Ghost Whisperer Spirit Guide will be guided to Ashley Welch of Wisconsin, Barbara Abu-Odeh of Minnesota, and Michele Wesley of Indiana

The Day the Earth Stood Still copies will not stand still for Sara Weiss of Florida, Harold Flieger of Missouri, and David Kimble of California

The Reaper Season 1 will be sown by Sydney Borden of Mississippi, Ellen May of Virginia, and Dave Lesinski of New York.

The Swingtown Season 1 copies are swinging out to Francis Hart of Oregon, Michelle Hohertz of California, William Buskirk of West Virginia, Suzanne Burnett of Oregon and Leona Pullyard of Maine.

The Tropic Thunder winners are Henry Knox of Michigan, Sharisa Walker of Louisiana and Rob Everett of Arizona.

And the Gunsmoke Season 3, Vol. 1 will be riding into the respective towns of Stanley March of Kentucky, Wendy Hutton of Alberta, Bill Firestone of Florida, Charles Kaus of Illinois, and Judy Romano of Wisconsin.

And The Who Blu-Ray copies go out to Liz Sanders of Utah and Irene Neal of Illinois.

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