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Two Special Winners…

Two bowling trophies

Well, we had two one-off contests recently, both of which have ended and the winners have been painstakingly chosen by the staff here from the many, many entrants. First up, our Dentyne Take Back Valentine’s Day Contest. The winner is Jorge de la Cova.

His entry: “My favorite idea is gathering your closest group of friends to exchange valetines. The valentines can only be the 25-for-$2.99 variety, with characters like Dora the Explorer, Spongebob Squarepants, Spiderman, etc, like you got in grade school. In each valentine, you should write exactly what that friend means to you. But be nice!”

We liked the idea, in fact we would say take it a step further and try to get the cheesiest, most godawful valentines you can find for that. Anyway, the inexpensive and also goofy nature of it appealed to a majority of the staff members polled, and so Jorge wins the gift certificate. Well done.

Also well done is the winner of our Coraline Swag Design Neil Gaiman Footwear Contest, with the idea to design some shoes based on the work of Neil Gaiman. And the winner is Stardust Girl, who presented us with the boots she actually made, based on the Endless. Seven pairs of Doc Martens. Not that anybody had to actually, you know, make the shoes for real–frankly, I didn’t expect anybody to show up with real boots, much less fourteen of them–but still, it was a compelling entry that we couldn’t deny. So she wins the swag pack.

Thanks to everybody for entering. I feel a lot better with the participation we got on these two, and if you like them, we might try to conceive of some more of these weird ones in the future. Thanks again.



  • Hang on, the “Coraline Swag” contest was just a fill in the form to enter contest, with three winners, wasn’t it? Shouldn’t this be the “Design Neil Gaiman Footwear” winner?

  • Miriam: You’re absolutely right. We are giving away some Coraline-related swag in the Design Neil Gaiman Footwear separate from the Coraline Swag. My brain cells got a bit cross-wired. Thanks for the catch.