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Coupling’s Tips on Foreplay: A Deadly Pit of Socks

The britcom Coupling is genius. I didn’t catch it until BBC Home Video released the full series stateside. Cosette reviewed the complete series here. It’s freaking hysterical. And it’s obvious why, when they tried to do a direct port for a US version, it failed miserably. That’s what I love about British television, and I’ve mentioned this before: they do a few episodes to a series, so they can all be good instead of aiming for twenty-two or so (like in the U.S.) and it’s hit or miss. That’s why something like Fawlty Towers is one of the funniest series in history, even though it only had twelve episodes. I know–I have to keep reminding myself it was only twelve. Coupling lasted four series in the UK.

Oh, and yes, if you were asking the question, that is Jack Davenport from Pirates.

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