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Your Weekend Justice #171: Drunk at the Trader Joe’s. Again.

It’s Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 audio trainwreck. It’s the podcast that survived another bout with DragonCon and now peppers the podcast with confidential material in an attempt to make life hell on its non-editor.


Doctor Who dinosaur


  • Serv assembles…stuff…and checks different things out
  • Bragging on kids
  • Alcohol report
  • DragonCon debrief
  • Inexplicable Grimm outburst!
  • Rox’s Adventures in Babysitting
  • Rox and the real gypsy
  • Zombie Mister Rogers
  • Aaron Poole, Sherlock and drinking. Bitches.
  • Aaron, wannabe denizen of Newark and online whore
  • Leigh vs. Samichlaus
  • Wrong Trader
  • Night of a Thousand Fistbumps
  • Leigh’s email problems
  • [ad#rightpost]

  • Tongo Hiti status
  • DragonCon Parade fun
  • The revenge of Fairy Muff
  • Aaron Poole Band Names
  • G4 channel RIP
  • Leigh’s mix tape
  • The Street Edition
  • The Precious Virus
  • Twitter vs. Steven Moffat
  • Doctor Who vs. women
  • New Doctor Who
  • Rox and David Byrne FIGHT CRIME
  • All I want for Christmas is my two fistbumps.
  • Stationary cameras
  • Flattening Stan Lee
  • Headsup: There’s new Weekend Justice gear as well in the Zazzle store.

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    Oh Sami.


    • Oh, great! So, I don’t get to hear all the cool DragonCon inside goop – AND I get to have freakin’ “Girl From Ipanema” stuck in my head all day! Thank you, Need Coffee!

    • If it makes you feel any better, as the guy who stuck “Girl” in the goop gaps…it’s stuck in my head forever.

      Also: you’re welcome.

    • Guys, seriously have to take you to task for the Doctor Who discussion. I think Moffat is a sexist man. Hell, I KNOW he is. I give you this: “There’s this issue you’re not allowed to discuss: that women are needy. Men can go for longer, more happily, without women. That’s the truth. We don’t, as little boys, play at being married – we try to avoid it for as long as possible. Meanwhile women are out there hunting for husbands.” Stephen Moffat said that. He believes a woman should supply children for her husband and not be clingy. What is Amy Pond? His dream woman. Not only that Rory is a sexist mother f*cker. He took her back DESPITE her infertility not BECAUSE of his love for her.

      And Irene Adler? Sorry guys. Sexism at it’s finest. She fits one of the classic sexist archetypes of women; a temptress. That’s her only purpose, a temptress who screws things up.

      Amy is the ‘girl who waited’. Girl who waited. Girl. Rory is the Lone Centurion. The Doctor is the Good Man. See something here? Remember the God Complex, which Widge cited as being an example of Doctor Who not bein sexist, where the Doctor told her that she was Amy WILLIAMS. She didn’t want that name but as a woman she has to take it. Really, Moffat? Really?

      Who’s the other main female character in Sherlock? Molly. The other female archetype. The piner. UGH.

      Okay, that was ranty and all over the place. I apologize. Still love you guys.


    • Addendum to the above: he also hates people with disabilities. The Doctor freely killed Daleks with PTSD. He openly mocks it in Sherlock. And consistently in his work he portrays people with mental disabilities as inferior to “normal” people.


    • Well, I was going to respond more fully but based on the addendum I think I’m fine with just leaving it with this:

      I don’t think we’re watching the same show. That or your definition of “Good” is something I simply don’t comprehend.

    • Just to clarify, I am NOT approving of or defending the dickbats who harassed Moffat. That is uncalled for. I was just pointing out that the
      ‘Moffat=sexist’ isn’t as unfounded as y’all made it out to be. At least, it isn’t from my perspective.

    • I found out one of my coworkers is a Dr. Who fan. After listening to part of this podcast, she just may be another fan of Needcoffee and Weekend Justice.