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Dog Shaming: My New Internet Addiction

Dog Shaming

Those of you who have been reading Need Coffee for a while now will know that Widge and I have a canine companion, a 3-and-a-half year-old Hellpuppy named Kora. While she is by no means an angel, Kora is hearing “good girl” a bit more often these days because of a new blog out there: Dog Shaming. Basically, folks are posing their dogs with a sign explaining the dog’s transgression for the world to see, then posting the resulting photo on the site.

Some of these dogs make the Hellpuppy’s puppy-chewing our shoes, nearly-entire-block-of-cream-cheese-eating, and craft-project-destroying self seem positively tame by comparison. While it is known that people anthropomorphize animals to a great extent, it’s hard not to read actual shame on the face of dog like the one pictured. Many, many dogs look contrite. An equal amount look positively thrilled with what they’ve accomplished. If you have a dog, or are around them a lot, check out the site. Grab some Kleenex, because you will end up laughing so hard at seeing the carnage dogs bring to the lives of many that you’ll be crying after a while. And then go give your own dog a nice scratch behind the ears and tell him or her what a good dog they are (comparatively speaking, anyway…).


  • I love this site too! I’m working on the perfect sign for my own little “princess” lol. I also enjoy the counterpart . Although cats have no shame, it’s still fun…I have a feeling my not so little demon boy may find his way there too.

  • Well, look at that dog…..he obviously ate seven alarm clocks because he’s having so much trouble staying awake! Someone get that poor doggie some coffee!!